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Make $100K in windy locations Make $100K in windy locations
Save $5000 on heating Save $5000 on heating
Save up to $30000
Save up to $30000
Reduce your lighting costs by 60%

Find the homes with most solar potential

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If you already have a customer list to work, but want to work effectively and increase your conversion rate, we can process tens of thousands of addresses quickly and find the best prospects with their estimated production.

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Our technology can generate personalized quotes for each homeowner, estimating their savings, production and most adequate system.

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What are our customers saying about renooble?

Tom Breunig, Corporate Marketing Manager, Neil Kelly Company

Tom Breunig, Corporate Marketing Manager

Neil Kelly Company

Renooble offers a unique combination of advanced residential solar analysis and flexible marketing capability. Not only does their software generate the estimated solar production data for each home, but they help us integrate the data into a highly targeted -- and measurable -- direct mail campaign that saves us a lot of time and effort. We regard them as important partners for our solar installation business.

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America Economia magazine
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About Us

What happens when an electrical engineer, a quantum physicist and a serial entrepreneur worry about the future of energy?

Easy! They try to make renewable energy accessible to all. To do so we are building algorithms which read data about buildings, climate, technology and regulation and return the most interesting options.

Our vision: Mapping the renewable energy potential of every house in the world!